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Ketepa Pride Tagged Teabags

Ketepa Pride Tagged Teabags


Ketepa Pride Tea Bags are blended from a selection of tea with finer granules, allowing for full, fast infusion. Packed in 2gm, they are heat sealed to avoid tearing for comfortable enjoyment of best quality tea. We have invested in the state of the art sealing and packaging machinery that ensure hygiene during production.


Kenyans drink the tea with milk and sugar, the so-called Chai. Depending on your taste, you can of course enjoy the tea without sugar and with water instead of milk.


With the purchase of a tea you support our education project for the Maasai children in Kenya. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that the Maasai children receive a school education. Every child has the right to have an educational opportunity and to be able to improve his or her level of education. Do good!

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