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Our story


Warmth of heart

My love for coffee and tea began as a child. When my mother put on the coffee or tea pot, I enjoyed the wonderful aromas that were then released, creating a cozy atmosphere. And a nice pastry or something sweet rounded it all off.

The acquaintance with a Maasai Kenyan in 2018, his many interesting stories and my subsequent trip to Kenya were the deciding point to start my own coffee and tea business together. "It's great to see, smell and taste the whole chain from leaf to tea, from berry to bean to coffee. Tea and coffee are a pure quality product full of experience, a cup of happiness.''
And so our tea leaf began to tumble and our coffee bean began to roll.


Socially responsible
In Switzerland, there is a growing appreciation for pure tea and coffee experiences. Together with the need to help Kenyan tea and coffee farmers achieve better living conditions, we founded Kenya Chai&Coffee. Together, these elements create a wonderful coffee: a Kenyan taste experience combined with honest tea and coffee. 
Part of the proceeds go to our education project for Maasai children in Kenya.
Would you like to learn more about the Maasai? Then we invite you to visit our website "Massai Art&Heart" and be inspired by the beautiful glass bead works. Again, we support Maasai women to improve their living conditions. We give our hearts for their beautiful art, for their future and that of their children, whom we want to give the opportunity to attend school.


What is important to us
In an ideal world, everyone is equal, everyone gets what they deserve and everyone gets what they are entitled to. With Kenya Chai&Coffee and Massai Art&Heart, we too want to contribute to making the world a better place. By ensuring that tea and coffee farmers and Maasai women receive a fair price for their products, they can invest more in their lives, their businesses and their children to give them a better future.


Direct Trade
The ultimate goal of direct trade is to shorten the supply chain of products so that producers get more money for their goods. A product is direct traded when there are no middlemen involved and the product is taken directly from the point of origin. And that is what we do!

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